over (τελευταλόγος)

2015-2016 | 19’ | opera with a libretto by Saar Ponsioen, for 3 singers, 2 trombones, harp and electronics

music and production by Rick van Veldhuizen
libretto by Saar Ponsioen
originally directed by Stephen Liebman
original dramaturgy by Niels Nuijten

In this vivid interpretation of the myths around Charōn, the skipper who transports the dead to the beyond, a passenger finds himself unwilling to go along for the ride. In a desperate attempt to stay alive, he turns to the sea, beckoning it to help him. When neither the skipper nor the sea answer his pleas, he makes a radical decision.

The music is a merger of different worlds, combining a lot of electronics with two classical and one musical theatre singer, trombones & harp. Its fast pace & relentless rhythm suggest there's only one way to move, and that's forwards into infinity.

'over' was made as a collaborative production for the 2016 Opera Forward Festival of De Nationale Opera en Ballet.

This recording was painstakingly assembled over the two years after the premiere and was made possible by the Young Art Fund Amsterdam.

Rick van Veldhuizen - passenger
Elizaveta Agrafenina - skipper
Itzel Trejo Medécigo - sea
Bastiaan Woltjer - tenor trombone
Haraldur Þrastarson - bass trombone
Ernestine Stoop - harp

Mixing and production by Rick van Veldhuizen
Mastering by Stefan Betke

(The role of the passenger was originated by Niels de Gooijer)

Booklet on Issuu.